Sunbed Tanning

Your Tanning Experts

Whether you want that “just off the beach” look or a light sun-kissed glow, you can trust Sunny Bunz to help you find your perfect shade.

We have a full range of the latest state-of-the-art indoor tanning systems ranging from our relaxing 20-minute sunbeds to our advanced bronzing beds that include luxury features like face and shoulder tanners, aromatherapy, air-conditioning, and more. You can even connect your iPod and listen to your favorite music for the ultimate relaxing experience.

Our Sunbeds

Gold: Color Enhancing

Build a perfect base tan by pairing lower intensity lamps with a higher concentration of UVB rays for optimum melanin production.

  • Lower intensity
  • Stimulates melanin production
  • Up to 20-minute exposure schedules

Platinum: Deep Bronzing

Take your base tan to the next level. Higher intensity lamps with a greater concentration of UVA rays darken your base melanin for deeper, more beautiful color.

  • High intensity
  • Darkens skin in less time
  • 10-12 Minute Maximum Exposure Time

Diamond: Minimum Exposure, Maximum Bronzing

Keep it dark. Deepen and maintain your color with maximum bronzing UVA rays.

  • Deepens and maintains color
  • 10 Minute Maximum Exposure Time
  • Enhance your tanning experience with our luxurious Platinum level equipment featuring body contour acrylics, air conditioning, premium quality sound systems, and much more.

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